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One of the fastest-growing investment opportunities is the ownership and leasing of single-family residences. What once was a side business for entrepreneurial individuals has become a significant investment asset for major investors. Large portfolios of 10 to 100 plus homes are individually owned or part of a larger asset as part of an investment portfolio.

What is unique about valuing several homes as a single asset?

Despite the growing trend of homes being leased or sought after as investment opportunities, the value of an individual single-family residence is still largely driven by its ability and appeal as a single investment by an owner occupant. As a result, an appraiser analyzing a large portfolio of homes must have the ability and skill set to first value the individual home. This is many times referred to as the “retail’ value of the individual home. However, the value of a portfolio of numerous homes typically does not equal the sum of the “retail” values of the individual homes. This is because the limited market or number of buyers able to purchase and manage multiple homes. As such, buyers in this market will consider a discount for the “bulk” purchase of the individual homes. This also requires a unique skill set of an appraiser.

Gardiner Ray, LLC is largely a residential based appraisal firm. The appraisers understand the nuances in valuing a single-family home. Unfortunately, many times assets like this are bid to and given to largely commercial property oriented appraisal firms who do not possess the expertise and experience in valuing single-family homes. Gardiner Ray, LLC is unique in that it possesses appraisers that have the skillsets to value the individual single-family home as well as the expertise and understanding in considering the investment opportunity and value in operating the large portfolio of homes.